Master Colloquium

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Previous topics supervised by our chair:


Almut Weigel:

“Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries – Are they a development engine?”


Theresia Schwaar:

"Improving the Employment Prospects of the Youth: How to Evaluate Job Market Programs Successfully"

Tina Markworth:

“Determinants of International Foreign Aid Flows”


Margareth Rodrigues-Hof:

“Determinants of Informality in Latin America – A cross-country analysis”


Elisabeth Lesner:

“Mobile Money and its Impact on Savings and Remittances in Kenya”


Dagmar Stutz:

”The Impact of Financial Inclusion on Economic Development”


Sherise Dionne Alexis:

”From Past Institutions to Modern Inequality: The Impact of Slavery in the United States”


Yue Lin Toh:

”An aggregate multi-country data perspective of profit shifting within multinational enterprises in the EU”


Ilse Vereeken:

The influence of Sovereign Ratings on Financial Sector Development in Emerging Markets


David Hansen:

Agricultural Microfinance – Lessons learned from profitability investigations of smallholder farmers”


Estephania Sánchez-Méndez:

“Regaining International Capital Market Access after Haircuts”


Fabian Rieger:

”Determinants of Delays in Sovereign Debt Restructurings”


Dominik Zborek:

”The Impact of Sovereign Debt Restructurings on Economic Growth”


Patrick Heinisch:

“Optimum Currency Area Theory– An Application to the African Franc Zone”